Welcome to the International Peace Consultancy

The International Peace Consultancy is an American 501c3 organization that seeks to promote a just and lasting resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Our NGO develops innovative policy proposals intended to contribute to ending the conflict. We work closely with Israeli, Palestinian, European, and American policy makers, as well as with heads of UN Missions and their deputies. Under the direction of policy analyst Dr. Jerome Segal, assisted by Dr. Leonard Grob, the Peace Consultancy has also initiated Track II (informal) diplomacy with key Israelis and Palestinians.

What We Do

The International Peace Consultancy works on developing new ideas on final status issues in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict—and on the process of making peace. We meet regularly with key players in the conflict on site in Washington, New York, Jerusalem, and Ramallah. And we focus on topics such as confederation, recognition of Israel as a Jewish State, Palestinians refugees, the Temple Mount, Hamas, alternatives to bilateral negotiations, and the role of the United Nations in resolving the conflict. We also seek to enrich public discourse in Israel, Palestine and the United States by presenting new ideas and perspectives to the general public through op ed pieces and media appearances.

Topics We Discuss

Reconvening UNSCOP
Recognition of Israel and Palestine
Proposal for a new UN 242
Common Homeland
Palestinian Refugees
Hamas-Related Issues

Thank you for supporting our efforts to promote Israeli-Palestinian peace. Your contributions are tax-deductible.

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